Building for a greater Church

What is greater?

The Mill is a place of New Beginnings and Real Relationships. We desire to serve the community in the Upstate of South Carolina by caring for their needs and helping them grow in their spiritual walks with Jesus Christ. We make these things happen when we gather for worship & small group, grow in discipleship & quiet times, give financially & through service, and go through missions & witnessing. 

Over the last several years, the Mill has seen tremendous growth. The Lord has blessed the church with many growing families, people looking for a fresh start, hurting people seeking authentic fellowship and disciples looking for pure Biblical teaching. As a result, we now have maxed out worship services every Sunday, packed foyers, and children's classrooms that are bursting at the seams.

The time is now for us to move forward with building a new facility. Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art worship experience in a 2,000 seat auditorium so we can move to two services. We aim to have additional classrooms for our children where they can grow and facilities for our preschool, children and middle school students under one roof. We are ready to move forward, but not to build a greater building. Join us as we build a greater Church for Spartanburg and to the ends of the earth.


                              GREATER BOOKLET

                              GREATER BOOKLET





Materials list for the first permanent structure at 4455 Anderson Mill Road.

A vision established

Rev. Floyd Loudermilk lead the first services of Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church in a 25'x50' room with just a few dozen people. The space was small, but the vision of the impact of the church on the west side of Spartanburg was huge. 


Groundbreaking ceremony on December 4, 1988.

A step taken

A huge step of faith was taken at the historic first groundbreaking that took place in the winter of 1988. It was a remarkable event in the life of our young church, which started meeting in a temporary location in February of the same year. Charter members put their own assets on the line because of what they believed the church would be one day become. Rev. Loudermilk once told his daughter, Brenda Blackwell, "You know, honey, one of these days, God is going to do something huge in this place."

Groundbreaking ceremony on January 27, 2008


In 2007, the Mill was bursting at the seams. Hallways were jammed. Student spaces were tight. Getting from Sunday school classrooms to the sanctuary was a struggle because of all the people. It was a great problem to have. After launching a capital campaign, the church broke ground together by pulling a plow in winter of 2008. The Mill would continue to minister to families, the community and the world would soon start sending mission teams and full-time missionaries all over the world.

This is a great stepping stone for the church. It is very satisfying to watch this happen and to see a new building that will bring people to the Lord. To have a new generation of people be able to help and reap the harvest of their efforts is a privilege. It makes me very emotional to think about walking down the aisle of the new sanctuary for the first time. You never know how the things we do today will effect tomorrow, we just have to do what we can now.
— Harold Brock (charter member), in 2008