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Thanks for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to grow and solve these parking situations. As you have seen, our parking is going to be changed in many ways as we are building our new sanctuary. In the picture below, all of the lots are color coded for ease of communication. We will have more spaces than we have today with the extended Orange lot and utilizing the Green lot. There will be people in place to guide and assist you, so please follow their directions to allow an easy, simple traffic flow.


There will be 3 entrances off Anderson Mill Rd. to our Parking areas. Please note that we will have an ADDITIONAL ENTRANCE for the Children's Wing on the playground side closest to Anderson Mill Rd.  It will have a CHECK-IN Station. This Additional Entrance will only be Open from 9:00am until 11:15am. EXIT ONLY at other times. Also, please note that the Red lot is specifically for the senior adults. 



We are recruiting for the parking team! Sign up today to assist.